Monday, February 28, 2011

Touching Spirit Bear

Once Upon A Time...

"How would you feel if a bear made its den beside this stream?"
Cole shrugged."I'd kill it."
The potbellied elder nodded with a knowing smile. "Animals feel the same way. Don't forget that. You are not the only creature here. You are part of a much bigger circle. Earn your place, or you'll have a rough time."
"What is there to learn?"
"Patients, gentleness, strength, honesty. Animals teach us more about ourselves than any teacher." He pointed away toward the south. "Off the coast of British Columbia, there is a special black bear called the spirit bear. Its pure white and has pride, dignity, and honer. More than most people."
"If I saw a Spirit Bear, I'd kill it," Cole said. Edwin tightened his grip on Cole as if in warning.
"Whatever you do to the animals you do to your self. Remember that..."

Touching Spirit Bear
 By: Ben Mikaelsen

It's the best novel I've read at school.