Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I know this blog is about quotes, but I decided to do a real life story. (Viewer Discretion advised...)

Once Upon A Time...

After my sisters pet hamster, Whiskers died (sadly) my mom and sister went to the pet store and got a new hamster. My sister went to the glass and saw a nose poking out of a house in the cage. She saw the hamster wiggle its whiskers, then pop out. As the hamster came out, my sister saw the lightning bolt on its back.
       "That one." she said.
She knew exactly what to name her, "Bolt"
When they got home they put her in the cage, put fresh food, water, and a treat in there.
The next summer day we put Bolt in her hamster ball and took her outside. We made Bolt use her little hamster muscles to roll around in the dewy grass. For Bolt it was another world, the warm summer air blowing across her whiskers. The dew as moist as dawn after it rained. When we put her back inside, she was exhausted. She crawled into her secret tunnel and fell asleep. After a few months of running, sleeping, and eating, it was time.
     I think it was sometime in February that the hamster ball derby began. I wasn't there to see it but I know Bolt came in second place. The 1st place winner cheated and pushed her hamster across the track. We celebrated that by giving Bolt some carrots and celery. About one year later Bolt looking healthy but weird discoloring on her back, which was gray because she's old, had her two year old B-day. But she wasn't feeling well, she was walking slow, and couldn't find her balance. The day after that was my uncles B-day. Bolt wasn't breathing well, and she would almost tip over when she walked. I had to play with my cousins so they wouldn't have a tantrum from me not playing with them, so I went down stairs. When I got them busy with something I went upstairs. I heard my sister crying in her room. "She's not going to make it." she sobbed to my mom.
                    "It's OK honey." she couldn't find the right words to comfort her.
                    "I have to go entertain the guests sweetie, I'll be back."
After the guests left ...Bolt died...
We went to the side yard and dug a hole, put Bolt in there and said things about her.
                  "I remember when I saw her little nose pop out at the pet store, then when she came out the lightning bolt on her back... I knew exactly what to name her..." my sister murmured.
                  "She brought a lot of love to Natalie, she was a good hamster." my mom said with tears in her eyes. After we buried her I took my sister to the top of the field. As the chilled night air blew there was silence, except for the occasional hooting of an owl. After we cleared our minds we went inside. That night was silent and full of sorrow. 

                                                                   Dedicated to,

"May she run for eternity on the sacred hamster wheel in the sky." - My dad, after Bolts death


  1. That was beautiful Luke. You are a very loving brother and your sister will cherish this forever!! You are a very talented young man.

  2. It's hard to write with tears in your eyes...

  3. WOW..Luke..You have uncovered two more skills to add to your abilities. I have always admired writing and blogging skills. Continue to surprise us with new abilities that you have discovered within you.

    Love, papa

  4. Your remembrance is heartfelt Luke. It takes a special kind of person to care and think so deeply.

    Unfortunately when someone you love leaves this experience it does seem to engulf your emotions and you find yourself pulling up a chair and remembering.

    Love Grandma Abbey